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This is a brand new directory designed for owners or managers of bed and breakfasts,  guest houses etc. to list their establishments online.

You will be able to include some of your own images, full descriptions and of course list your contact information, your own website address etc. You can also select the area of the UK that is most appropriate to you. The directory is currently ordered by county, but if you would prefer your listing to appear under a specific town name, then please complete the ‘suggested category’ field when applying for your listing.

And the best thing about it is, it’s completely free! For those lucky few who sign up early, there is no charge at all for your listing, we do not ask for any payment details whatsoever. Your listing will remain in the directory for 6 months completely free and without obligation. If after that time you consider the listing worthwhile, we charge a very nominal fee of only £12 per year – yes, only £1 per month! We will contact you prior to your free listing expiring to see if you would like to continue – it’s entirely up to you!


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